4 Types Of Content You Could Include In Your Interior Design Podcast

Have you outgrown your design aesthetic? Learn tips for incorporating different interior design trends in your home.

4 Types Of Content You Could Include In Your Interior Design Podcast

4 Types Of Content You Could Include In Your Interior Design Podcast

28 June 2019
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If you want to start your own interior design podcast, you are going to need to have an idea of the different types of content you want to share with your audience. Home interior design is a very visual platform, so it takes a lot of planning and good hosting skills to run a podcast on interior design. Here are a few ideas of topics you can cover with an interior design podcast.

#1 Interview Interior Designers

You can use your podcast to interview interior designers. These could be designers that also run their own podcast or just other designers who you are aware of. You can talk to each designer about how they decided to enter the profession, what inspires them with their work, and what their own personal favorite styles are. You can even do follow-up interviews to go more in-depth into their design experience and knowledge.

#2 Interview other Design Professionals

When it comes to designing spaces, interior designers are not the only people you can talk to. You can bring bloggers, stylists, tastemakers and other style influencers onto your podcast. You can talk about how they have developed their sense of style, the specific ways that they interact with the interior design world, and what inspires them.

#3 Debate Current Design Trends

Design trends are constantly in flux. You can go in-depth and examine current design trends. Where do the trends come from? Who is embracing these trends? What do you need to engage with or carry out the trend?

From there you can debate about the influence of the trend and what you think about it. You can invite a few people on your show to discuss the trend and get their input and viewpoints as well.

#4 Provide How-To Design Information

Finally, you can provide actual how-to designing information. Maybe you talk through how to make an outdoor space enchanting for summer. Or perhaps you discuss how to create the perfect table setting for a specific holiday. You can provide how-to direction and discussion on your podcast and back up what you discussed in your podcast with picture examples on your website.

Interior design may be a visual medium, but there is a lot to talk about within the field. Use the four ideas above as starting points to help you get your interior design podcast started so that you can start inspiring others!

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