3 Old-Fashioned Interior Design Trends To Consider In 2019

Have you outgrown your design aesthetic? Learn tips for incorporating different interior design trends in your home.

3 Old-Fashioned Interior Design Trends To Consider In 2019

3 Old-Fashioned Interior Design Trends To Consider In 2019

1 January 2019
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From choosing furniture and window treatments to picking out the right paint color, decorating your home can become overwhelming. In addition to the different selections you will need to make, designing your home can be a challenge if you are not sure what style you are hoping to achieve. While they may be popular options in past years, these decorating trends can be beautiful, classic additions in your home today. Here are a few old-fashioned interior design trends to consider when decorating your home today.


Many people would consider velvet an old-fashioned fabric, but it can be used in your home today because it offers a classic look that will add enormous style to your home.

When using velvet, incorporate the material in smaller ways so the fabric does not overwhelm your space. A couch covered in velvet or a set of velvet drapes in your living room will add the color and texture your home needs.

One thing to remember about velvet is it is not only beautiful, but it is also extremely durable. Look for velvet with a densely-woven backing, which ensures it is durable and of the highest quality.


You may have a grandparent with floral upholstery or wallpaper in their home, which can feel quite old-fashioned. However, floral is becoming a popular trend in today's modern homes as long as it is used in the right way.

Instead of covering all the walls in your room with flowers, consider creating an accent wall using a floral wallpaper or floral stenciling that offers bold lines and contrasting colors. One colorful, floral wall will add style and personality to your home without making it feel you are back in your grandmother's living room.

Another option for adding floral to your home interior would be with accent pillows or window treatments. A buttery-yellow floral pattern will brighten up a dark and dull sofa in chocolate brown while pink and white roses will soften up any master bedroom's windows.


From industrial décor to a rustic farmhouse, copper is one material that has been around for many generations. Fortunately, copper can also be an attractive finish for various fixtures in your home.

Opt for a copper faucet for your kitchen sink or copper vent hood over the stove top. In your master bathroom, consider a copper freestanding tub that will help you create an elegant space which will never go out of style.

Decorating your home with style and personality does not have to be difficult. These old-fashioned updates will help you modernize your home in unique ways. Schedule an appointment with an interior design consultation service for more help.

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