Ideas For Your Bathroom Remodel

Have you outgrown your design aesthetic? Learn tips for incorporating different interior design trends in your home.

Ideas For Your Bathroom Remodel

Ideas For Your Bathroom Remodel

18 May 2018
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Trends in bathroom colors and building materials are always changing. If your bathroom hasn't been remodeled in decades, it could be time for a makeover. If you're not fond of its vintage look and the yellow bathtub or pink ceramic tile make you cringe, then it's time to start planning a remodel. Here are some ideas for giving the room a fresh look.

Install A Luxury Shower

If the room has a combination tub and shower now, think about removing the tub unless it's the only one in your home or you just love taking long baths. If you're a shower person, getting rid of the tub provides more space for a luxury shower with glass doors. Frameless glass shower doors make the bathroom seem larger because the doors are transparent so they don't block off space. You can make the shower even more luxurious by adding multiple spray heads or a rain shower that sprays from overhead. Swapping the old ceramic tile for larger squares of natural stone tiles in earth tones gives the shower a more modern appearance too.

Consider A Wall-Hung Toilet

One of the most difficult places to clean in the bathroom is around the bottom and the floor behind it. A wall-hung toilet eliminates this problem because the toilet doesn't touch the floor. You can mop under it rather than having to scrub around the seal with a toothbrush or contort to reach the floor in back. Ease of cleaning is not the only reason to choose a wall-hung toilet. These also have interesting visual appeal. Plus, the tank can be hidden behind the wall so the toilet takes up very little space. These toilets can be mounted where you want so you can control the height. This could be important if you're shorter or taller than average.

Add Natural Light

Bathrooms need plenty of light so you have a realistic view of how you'll look outdoors on in public places with bright light. Plus, light makes the room look larger and cleaner when light shines off porcelain and stone. Think about adding windows or a solar tube to let in light. Mirrors are another option that amplifies the light you already have. If adding more natural light isn't an option, then install additional overhead lights so the room has plentiful illumination.

Remodeling a bathroom is usually a good investment. It makes you feel better about the appearance of your home and it adds value to your property. Bathrooms are also an important selling point for attracting buyers in the future, so having an attractive bathroom with modern features is beneficial. Contact a service, like DC Interiors & Renovations, for more help.

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