Four Unique Ways To Decorate With Picture Frames

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Four Unique Ways To Decorate With Picture Frames

Four Unique Ways To Decorate With Picture Frames

19 January 2018
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Decorating with picture frames seems like a pretty straightforward idea. You put some pictures in the frames, and then you hang them on a wall. But while this may look great in some situations, there's nothing wrong with using a bit more creativity! Here are some more unique ways to decorate with picture frames.

Create a Collage 

Remember creating collages of newspaper clippings and magazine images in school? You can do a similar thing with a picture frame. Pick a theme for your collage. It could be your dream vacation or a new career you wish to have one day. Browse magazines and newspapers for words and images related to that theme, and cut them out. Paste them onto a piece of thin cardboard or cardstock that is the size of your picture frame. Let the collage dry, frame it, and hang it on your wall.

Frame Blocks of Color

If you have a very minimalist, simply decorated home without a lot of detailed embellishments, then this idea is a great one to employ. Frame a few plain, colored pieces of paper. You can choose all pieces of the same color or choose different colored pieces of paper. Arrange the various framed pieces on the wall for a very modern art vibe.

Hang Frames Sideways

There's always such a focus on hanging picture frames straight. Some people spend forever using levels and laser tools to hang their pictures perfectly. What if you just ditch that goal completely and instead hang your picture frames completely crooked on purpose? You can put whatever you like in them, from portraits to artwork, and the result will be a bit eclectic and offbeat. If you have a few frames to hang, try to place each one at a different angle to fill up the wall.

Display 3-D Items

Take the glass and any inserts out of the picture frame, and then mount the empty picture frame to the wall. Next, find a 3D thing that you want to display inside the frame. This could be a few flowers or a matchbox car. Find a way to fix the 3D item to the wall in the center of the frame. You may have to nail it or glue it depending on the material it is made from. The result will be something like a shadow box, but much smaller and more compact. You can even mount several items in one frame.

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