Tips for Layering Your Window Treatments

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Tips for Layering Your Window Treatments

Tips for Layering Your Window Treatments

23 February 2017
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Any room feels unfinished until you add window treatments. Simple Roman shades or café curtains can work well in most rooms, especially if you want a casual ambiance. However, more formal or elegant styles go better with layered window treatments. Layering your draperies can be tricky. Treat each window like a stage setting for beautifully layered treatments.

Start with Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are one of the most common layers for draperies. For layered window treatments, you'll need a double curtain rod, which consists of a special set of brackets that hold one rod in front and one behind. You can choose a neutral color for your sheer panels—white is very common. However, if you'd like a monochromatic effect, choose a light hue of your chosen color.

Consider Blinds

If you want more light control than sheer curtains provide, consider hanging blinds instead. Wooden blinds are very elegant. You can leave them stained naturally or choose painted. Again, white is especially chic. Standard horizontal blinds work well with traditional décor. If you have modern décor, consider vertical blinds, which add a touch of unexpected geometry to your window treatments.

Add Curtain Panels

Your main curtain panels are really going to drive the look of your room. If you're going for a luxurious look, Home and Garden TV recommends opulent fabrics such as damask, silk, velvet or even suede. However, you can choose crisp cotton for a modern room. If you want the curtains to pool at the bottom like a ballgown, opt for silk or synthetic.

The pattern—or lack thereof—is also essential. For the monochromatic look, choose curtain panels in a rich solid-colored tone. However, a geometric pattern blends with a mod style. Florals offer a feminine touch, while stripes look masculine. What's more, you can use the pattern to drive the color scheme in the rest of the room. So, you can use hues in the pattern as accent colors for pillows, frames, vases and other décor.

Include a Topper

The way to make your layered curtains complete is with a topper. This generally comes in the form of a valance or cornice. A valance consists of fabric only, while a cornice includes wood. So, a valance can be hung to drape, but you can also choose pleated valances for a more tailored look. Cornices add an architectural element. You can leave the wood exposed, or have it covered with fabric. Whether you choose a valance or a cornice, ensure it matches or complements your main curtain panels.

For more ideas for styling your window treatments, contact companies like Sav-Mor Upholstery.

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