The Best Counter Options For Rental Units

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The Best Counter Options For Rental Units

The Best Counter Options For Rental Units

2 November 2016
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Landlords know that the interior of their rental units have to be as durable as possible. But in addition to being durable, they also need to be attractive. This is especially true for more competitive rental markets. Marble, granite, and butcher block counters can all be both prohibitively expensive and difficult to replace. Here are a few of the best options.

Formica Counters

Formica counters -- also known as laminate counters -- can be purchased in practically any design. They can even be textured, for those who are interested in slate or other natural appearances. A formica counter is one of the most affordable options available and is very popular among rental units.The only downside to a formica counter is that it generally cannot be repaired. If the counter becomes cracked or scratched, it usually has to be replaced. 

Tile Counters

Ceramic tile counters are growing in popularity among both homeowners and landlords. Not only are they very easy to customize, but they are affordable and easy to repair. A ceramic counter can be purchased in the appearance of marble or granite. If a single tile is broken, that tile can then be replaced. Tile counters do require a little maintenance and upkeep in order to keep the grout looking like new, but otherwise they can last a very long time. 

Concrete Counters

Concrete counters are poured into place, making them very versatile. These counters can be stamped with designs or colored to meet a specific color theme. There's only one downside to concrete counters -- they're exceptionally heavy. Concrete counters need to be poured on specially reinforced cabinets, which can vastly increase the cost of the actual structure of the frame. As long as that frame has been built properly, however, a concrete counter is going to last a very long time to come.

Steel Counters

Though it takes a special type of kitchen to pull it off, stainless steel counters can also be worthwhile. Stainless steel is an expensive option, but can be refinished and repaired if it becomes damaged. Though they have an industrial appearance, they can also fit into a very modern design. It's very difficult for stainless steel to become permanently damaged.

Of course, every rental unit is different -- and every real estate market is unique. Landlords may want to review other units in their area before they finally make a decision. The best interior design choices are usually similar to the surrounding rental market.

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