Pillow Talk: Easy-To-Sew Pillows Make A Powerful Fashion Statement In Home Décor

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Pillow Talk: Easy-To-Sew Pillows Make A Powerful Fashion Statement In Home Décor

Pillow Talk: Easy-To-Sew Pillows Make A Powerful Fashion Statement In Home Décor

21 March 2016
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If you're looking for an easy way to add a little pizzazz to your home, look no further than pillows. Not only are decorative pillows easy to sew, they are inexpensive and can instantly dress up any room in the home.

You don't need a lot of sewing expertise to create fashionable pillows, and the time involved is minimal. And who doesn't love instant gratification? Simply collect your supplies and get ready to transform the appearance of your home with a little pillow power.

Choosing pillow fabrics

A trip to the local fabric store will open up endless possibilities for choosing fabric for your pillows. You can use nearly any type of fabric you love for making pillows. However, you may want to consider the amount of wear and tear the pillows will endure when selecting your fabrics.

Consider the room the pillows will be used in. For instance, if you are making pillows for a living room or family room, you will want to choose heavier and more durable fabrics. Specifically designed for slipcovers, pillows, and drapes, home décor fabrics are medium weight and are very durable. They are the best choice for high traffic areas of the home where the pillows may require regular cleaning.

For a child's bedroom, you may want to select non-toxic flame-retardant fabrics for added safety. Flannel fabric is another good option for decorative children's pillows. Children love the plush softness of the flannel. Character prints also work well.

Add a little romance to the master bedroom by choosing the right fabrics for your bedroom accent pillows. Vintage floral fabrics are a great option for decorating a bedroom. Since the bedroom pillows are likely to be used just as decorative pieces, you can feel confident in choosing fabrics such as satin, chenille, crepe, and metallic.

Choosing the right amount of fabric

You can make the pillows any size you desire. Popular sizes range from 14 inches to 17 inches. Plan to purchase at least a half a yard of fabric for each pillow you are making for pillows 17 inches and under. You may want to purchase additional fabric if you are using a large print or one-way print to allow enough fabric for matching the design.

Choose the right filler

Foam pillow forms are available in a variety of sizes and are easy to use. Simply choose a form to match the size of your finished pillow. You may also wish to choose polyester fiber loft stuffing. Loose stuffing requires additional work to stuff and shape the pillow, but it does allow you to control the amount of fluff you want the pillow to have.

Constructing your pillow

Once you decide on a size, you will need to measure and cut two squares of fabric in the desired size. Position the fabric, right sides together, and stitch one-half inch seams around the pillow. Snip the seams in the corners to allow them to lay flat, but be careful not to cut through the stitching. Leave about a six-inch opening in the bottom of the pillow to insert the pillow form or stuffing. One the stuffing is inserted, simply slip-stitch the opening together.

If desired, you can add a tuft to the center of the pillow by using a long needle, strong thread, and a large decorative button. Place the button in the center front of the pillow. Push a threaded needle through the button and out the back of the pillow. Make several stitches through the button to secure it tightly and finish by knotting the thread securely on the back.

Easy-to-make pillows are the perfect evening or weekend sewing project. Not only will you have the satisfaction of completing a sewing project, but your home will have a new look in no time at all. Contact a fabric store like Brandt's Interiors & Workroom for more information.

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