Interior Shutters 101

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Interior Shutters 101

Interior Shutters 101

9 March 2016
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If you are remodeling the interior of your home, then shutters can be a great choice. Shutters offer an alternative to curtains, blinds, and other interior window decorations. These are of the advantages of interior shutters:

  • More control over privacy and light control than blinds, shades, or curtains
  • More ventilation during the spring and summer by allowing breezes to come in while still offering privacy, unlike heavy drapes
  • Shade your interior from the sun to keep it cool and save energy during the summer, according to
  • Extra insulation layer during cold weather
  • Shield your furniture and flooring from the sun's damaging UV rays
  • Variety of customizations available to fit almost any space
  • Great for windows right next to corner walls, because they take up less space than curtains
  • Different stock configurations and styles to choose from

Types of Shutters

Shutters vary in how they are made and how they are mounted:

Solid Panel

Solid panel shutters make great insulators from the cold. They also serve as an ideal privacy screen and can minimize outside noise. Solid panel shutters work best for rooms that you want to have complete natural light or darkness in.


These are the most flexible type of shutters: you can adapt them to different privacy, light, and air-flow preferences. They carry more of a classical look. The width of the slats on your louvers will determine how much, or how little, light comes in. Go with wide slats if you want a darker room and narrow if you want more light to filter in.

Tier on Tier

Tier on Tier shutters have two separate stacks of panels on the top and the bottom. Each stack can be adjusted separately. This gives you a lot of flexible control over privacy and light.


These only cover the lower part of your window, giving you some privacy while still letting plenty of light in. Thus, cafe shutters are great for street-level rooms.

Where You Can Use Shutters

You can use them wherever there is a window. That could be in a living room, bedroom, bath, or kitchen. You'll want to consider the visual balance of your shutters compared to the rest of the room and the window that they will be applied to. 

In review, shutters bring a number of benefits to your interior design plans. They are efficient with space, provide flexibility in lighting and privacy, give you insulation in cold and hot weather, and are easier than drapes and blinds. Best of all, you can find a variety of styles of shutters to suit your needs.

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